Scandihooligan Run # 164

Hare : Ice Butt Buddy
8 runners

Hare this month Ice Butt Buddy

1 Beer stop
Some of the runner at the first Beer Stop.
Miss Perfect, Unknown, Unknown, Ice Butt Buddy, What A Fuck, Gagarin and Fon.

2 Beer stop
Ice Butt Buddy, Gagarin, Miss Perfect and Michell My Bell at the second Beer Stop.

Senic A- Site
The pack on the Scenic A-Site
Any Time, Tor, What A Fuck, Michell My Bell and on the other side
Fon, Gagarin and Miss Perfect.

What A Fuck and Any Time gets a Sperm Down Down.

Waiting for the taxi to take us to the Scandihooligan City

The longest day
It's been a long day fore two tired hashers. Gagarin & Ice Butt Buddy