Scandihooligan Run # 151

Track made by Ice Butt Buddy
Food made by Quarter Slot

Dances With B/2
This week we had a visitor the famous Dances with bath busses
here arriving the first Beer Stop, but only Coke for the Dancer to day.

Michell My Bell
Here comes Michell My Bell to the first Beer Stop

Dead Head
Dead Head looks more dead than alive at the first Beer Stop. Dead H you have to eat
some thing else than Jaegermaister next time before the run...

Ice Butt Buddy and Quarter Slot
And finally the Hares on Ice, because they made the longest run ever.
(First runner inn 1h.59 min)

Sorry but we canīt run next month.

Run # 1000 next
Hey there Scar W/2ts, I am going to Pattaya and have a blast,
sorry you donīt want to join us.