Scandihooligan Run # 144


Ice Butt Buddy, I Scream Baby and Abdominator sipping beer before the run
We had to stop at Gagarin (first man in space) before the sign up, to cool down
with some beerīs looking at old Hash photos.

Abdominator, Anny Time and Quarter Slot
Here at the first Beer Stop. The Hashers are really enjoying them selves
in the unusual good whether this Summer day

Ice Butt Buddy, Dead Mouse and Miss Perfect
Well I really donīt remember why I got Iced, but the Hares usually have at least
one trip on the Ice. I have the "honor" of wearing The Scandihooligan Hash Shit Toilet seat.

3 New Names to day
At this run we had 3 New Names. First we se Gagarin and Abdominator performing
the Baptism.The New Names are: I Scream Baby, Cherry Popper and Plastic Fantastic