Scandihooligan Full Moon


10 thirsty hashers ready for some fun
We had the sign up at Megleren Bar, and had to chill out with some beer´s
We had some visitors from Pattaya Hash House Harriers. Prince Of Spin, Spin King and DC.

2 Bar, and counting..
First Beer stop at Propellen, DC, Scar W/2ts, Dead Head, Tom, Idi Amin, G- String and the Bartender.

3 Bar and counting...
At the second Beer stop at Hotel Caledonien, we can still behave our selves.
DC, Scar W/2ts, Tom, Ice Scream Baby and Ice Butt Baby

4 Bar and we are having som fun...
Now at the third Beer stop, we can see some strange behavior.
In first row : Dancing Shoes, G- String, Scar W/2ts, DC
In second row : Spin King, Ice Butt Buddy, Michell My Bell and Quarter Slot

5 Bar, we see the effect...
Here we can see the alcohol is showing some effect on all the hashers.
Prince Of Spin, Dead Head, Ice Butt Buddy, Dancing Shoes, G- String, DC, Idi Amin and Quartet Slot

ALL ON BOARD... No! Where is Tom?
We had to take a boat trip to the venue.But first we had to find Tom...
G- String, Micell My Bell and DC.

Down Down´s
Finally we arrive to the venue, and had the Circle wit plenty of Down Down´s.
Here we can see DC and Dancing Shoes being Iced by Scar W/2ts

Lights Out...
Well it had too happend after a long hard day with lot of beer´s.
I Scream Baby, Spin King, Prince Of Spin and Ice Butt Buddy.